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Article: How to choose your ex-libris?

¿Cómo escoger tu ex-libris? - Les Tampons de Roser

How to choose your ex-libris?

Want to order an ex-libris, but haven't chosen which one yet? Here are some ideas to help you make your decision.

Let your intuition guide you

The first recommendation I can give you is to use your "right brain" to choose the stamp you will put on your books. I recommend you to operate with intuition, listen to your feelings, your emotions. The choice of an ex libris stamp is personal and subjective. So don't panic, your subconscious will guide you to the right decision. In fact, it is much like choosing the clothes you want to wear, there is no one-size-fits-all method. The most important thing is to take the time to look, search and rummage, then the answer comes immediately. Also, I invite you to follow my Instagram account, where you will be up to date with all the news and new collections, you will see my inspirations, in short, enough to give you ideas to choose the stamp that will mark your personal library.

Take a tour through the different collections

If you are more of an indecisive type and like a lot of ex libris, I suggest you choose by order of elimination, it's a classic, but still effective. Start by looking at the collections in the store. There you will find the ex-libris designed to note the date, the ex-libris readers, the current collections and the ex-libris for kids. Mark the different models you like, then set them aside for a while to gain some distance. Come back to them a few hours or days later, whenever you feel like it. Do the same and so on, until there is only one ex libris left in your selection. If you have trouble deciding between two or three models, you can always ask the advice of a loved one who knows you very well or the help of a friend with whom you share your tastes.

Choose your ex-libris  

Order a personalized ex libris

The process is a little different if you want to order a personalized ex-libris. I leave you tips on this subject in the article Tips for imagining your personalized ex-libris. The important thing, once again, is to concentrate on how you feel, listen to your personal and unique taste. When creating a custom bookplate starts from scratch, it can take your time. Enjoy searching for ideas, look at examples of ex libris on the Internet, share it with your reader friends, etc. Also, don't hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer your questions, give you advice and ideas.

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Tips to imagine your personalized bookplate stamps

Do you want to get a personalized ex libris made just for you, but don't know where to start? Here is a quick guide with some ideas to help you.

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It is possible to have more than one ex libris

Most people who own an ex-libris keep the same stamp throughout their lives. But nothing prevents you from owning more than one stamp, in fact there are many reasons to own more than one ex-libris.

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