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Personalized bookplate stamped on an open book's front page

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A unique bookplate for your library

We craft your personalized bookplate

A bookplate, or "ex libris" in Latin, is a mark placed in a book to identify its owner. It is a unique way to personalize your book collection and add a personal touch.

We create your bookplate from design to production, using photogravure to engrave the stamp in our workshop in Barcelona. Choose an existing model from our catalog or request your custom bookplate!

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Discover what our customers say about our bookplate stamps. They highlight the quality, precision and elegance of our products, as well as the customer service.

Bookplate stamp in the middle of a stack of books

Designed exclusively for you

Your custom bookplate

We craft a personalized bookplate especially for you from scratch. A unique bookplate to mark your book collection!

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Garland with portraits and quotes from Baudelaire, Sand, Lorca, Woolf, and Wilde
Red book with Sylvia Plath bookmark

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Experience your readings with our handcrafted bookmarks and decorate your home with garlands dedicated to your favorite writers.

Everything you need to know about ex-libris

¿Qué es un ex-libris? - Les Tampons de Roser

What is an ex-libris?

An ex-libris is a mark of ownership and at the same time a token of the most sincere love for books. If you want to know more about this object loved by bibliophiles read this article.

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¿Cómo entintar un ex-libris o un sello? - Les Tampons de Roser

How to ink an ex-libris or a stamp?

There are two ways to ink an ex libris stamp, one suitable and the other much less precise. In this article, I will quickly explain which is the best method to obtain a perfect stamp.

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¿Cómo limpiar y mantener como nuevo tu sello ex-libris? - Les Tampons de Roser

How to Clean and Keep Your Ex-Libris Stamp Like New

If you have an ex-libris stamp, it is essential to clean it regularly to preserve it in good condition. Regular maintenance will maintain the quality and effectiveness of your stamp. In this articl...

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