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Custom Stamp

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Personalized stamp with different sizes to choose from.

Do you want to create a stamp from your drawing, your logo, your favorite phrase, etc.? Here you can do it. Send me your image and I will transform it to make it perfect for each stamping.

Your personalized stamp to your liking

First, choose the size you want for your stamp. You will see that there is a great variety and in recommendations you will find a guide to choose the size that goes with your design.

Then, send me your image, remember that it has to be in black and white. The stamps do not allow to reproduce gray tones. If you have doubts about if your design is the right one to make a stamp, please contact me through the contact form.

Finally, once the order is placed, you will only have to wait for the letter carrier to arrive at your home with the stamp ready to start stamping.

Recommendations to choose the ideal size for your stamp

Remember that I can advise you and you can even ask me to make the design so that everything is perfect.

I start with the smallest sizes:

  • Round 30x30 mm: This stamp is ideal if what you want is to reproduce a logo, a simple drawing without letters and you want the stamping to be discreet and elegant.
  • Rectangle 10x55 mm: With these dimensions, you can make a small stamp on which to put the name of your company or the name and surname of your child to stamp it on all the clothes he/she will wear to school.

Medium sizes:

  • Rectangle 25x60 mm and 30x75 mm: Ideal to put the name of your company with all the fiscal data. Or to reproduce the phrase you like the most in literature, the one you always carry with you.
  • Rectangle 15x85 mm: Its length allows you to put much more information than you thought.
  • Round 50x50 mm and squared 50x50 mm: Ideal if you want to make a stamp with your logo and make it look perfect and elegant.
  • Oval 40x60 mm: Our only oval-shaped dimension for the most daring designs. Here your personalized stamp will shine for its originality.
  • Rectangle 50x70 mm: Undoubtedly, one of the sizes I use the most. Almost all my ex-libris are made with this versatile dimension that gives space for the drawing to stand out.

Larger sizes:

  • Round 60x60 mm: My basic when working with children's stamps. Due to its ergonomics and size, it allows children to stamp easily.
  • Rectangle 50x90 mm and 50x100 mm: My largest stamps. Horizontally or vertically, this stamp can be personalized with whatever you want. Its large size allows you to insert a lot of information, both written and in image. Highly recommended for those who want a personalized stamp pad to stamp on cartons or kraft paper bags with the logo of their brand and thus create a handmade and unique packaging in each stamping.

If you don't know which is the best size for your stamp, remember that you can send me an email through the contact form. I will answer you very quickly and we will see together what is best suited to your case.

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Custom Stamp Sale price€75,00