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You have doubts, you don't know what he or she will like more: a bookmark, a garland or an ex-libris? You want to give him or her a personalized ex-libris stamp but you are not sure about the design and you prefer him or her to choose it?

An original gift for readers

If you know that he or she is passionate about books and literature, and that he or she would love everything this store has to offer, but you find it difficult to decide on something specific, you can choose to give him or her a gift card.

Simply choose your budget and place your order; you will receive an image that you can put in a nice envelope so that when he/she opens it, the house will be filled with poetry.

Which budget to choose for your gift

To make your choice easier, here are the available budgets for each type of gift you wish to make:

  • Between 25€ and 40€: You are giving him/her the opportunity to purchase several stationery products, such as bookmarks, garlands and inks.
  • Between 50€ and 130€: You are giving her an ex-libris or several, along with stationery items.
  • Between 150€ and 160€: You are giving him/her a customized ex-libris stamp, unique for him/her alone.
Imagen de nuestra tarjeta regalo donde se ve el sello exlibris "gatos" encima de una pila de libros de pequeñas dimensiones
Gift card Sale price€25,00