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Bookplate Bellflowers

Sale price€46,00

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions 5 x 7 cm

Designed as a heraldic shield, this plant has flowers that look like bells, I have the impression that at any moment they can start ringing.

Ex-libris of flowers

This ex-libris is part of a collection of five ex-libris dedicated to flowers that I have made for this spring-summer. With it you will be able to mark all your books and sign your personal library. Our library is a reflection of ourselves, of our tastes and passions.

Remember to put your name on the stamp you have to fill in the registration box, so you will get home ready to start stamping all your books.

A stamp that will preserve your library

Having an ex-libris stamp gives you the security of being able to share your books, with the certainty that they will return to their place in your library. This small detail becomes a guarantee that your beloved literary treasures will always find their way back home.

Dibujo de flores campanillas
Bookplate Bellflowers Sale price€46,00