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Bookplate Birdhouse

Sale price€46,00

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm

I live in a house with trees in some of them there are birdhouses, so from my office window I watch these nests and their temporary inhabitants. I like to hear them sing. Sometimes I catch them looking out of their window on windy or rainy days. This exlibris stamp is the testimony of these encounters, of these little houses that turn into nests, of the birds that sing and take shelter and sometimes nest to keep their little ones.

Your ex-libris ready for stamping

For your stamp to arrive with your name on it, you only need to write the name you want to engrave on your ex-libris in the Inscription section that you will find just below the options. The manufacture of the stamp is carried out piece by piece in a handmade way, with the commitment of not wasting material and producing in the workshop in a sustainable way.

A stamp to let everyone know it's your book

To have an ex-libris stamp is to know that you can lend your books and be sure that they will return to your library. The stamping of your ex-libris on the first pages of the book will show who is the owner of the book and even if you lend it, it will always return safely.

Dibujo de una casita de pájaro
Bookplate Birdhouse Sale price€46,00