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Bookplate Book

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

What is simpler than an open book to represent the reader. This classic is essential in any ex-libris collection. Adopt it with your name and stamp your library. For the originals and if we add color to the stamp, a deep green, a dark blue or a bright red, it can be elegant, don't you think?

A stamp to sign your books

All my ex-libris stamps are personalized in my workshop so that when you get home you can sign your book collection. You only need to enter your name or the specific inscription you want to appear in the Inscription section.

An ex-libris is a beloved gift for readers

By giving an ex-libris stamp as a gift, you are telling that reader that you have taken into account their love of books and their desire to preserve their literary collection. That you share that passion, making the ex-libris a reminder of that mutual connection to the printed word.

Dibujo de un libro abierto
Bookplate Book Sale price€46,00