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Bookplate Coast

Sale price€69,50

Name on the stamp:

🙋‍♀️ Ink pads light blue and yellow included in the order

Two stamps of 5 x 7 cm

Costa is an ex-libris inspired by the captivating landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea and its charming coves. These small beaches, nestled between cliffs usually full of pine trees, offer shade and freshness.

A stamp to authenticate your books

To ensure that you receive the stamp ready to affix to your book collection, it is important that you complete the Inscription section with the name and surname you wish to appear on the ex-libris stamp.

An ex-libris with two-color printing

This ex-libris has a two-color printing, which implies that its design will be carried out by means of two different stamps: one in blue and the other in yellow. The stamping process involves the successive application of both stamps; it is possible to start with the blue or yellow color according to preference.

Dibujo de una playa con un acantilado
Bookplate Coast Sale price€69,50