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Bookplate Daisies

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm

Daisies have many meanings. In Norse mythology it was the flower of Freyja the goddess of love and signified new beginnings. The nymph Belides was turned into a daisy by the god of vegetation, Vertumnus, when she did not correspond to his proposals. It is said that she is the representation of innocence because of her white color. All these myths have made this flower one of the most common and easy to recognize. In the collection of flowers could not be missing.

An ex-libris collection dedicated to flowers

This ex-libris dedicated to daisies is part of a collection of five ex-libris with floral motifs. Five stamps that bring us closer to spring.

A stamp to mark all your books

All my stamps are made to mark thousands of books. No matter the size of your library, they can mark infinitely. Remember that you can personalize it with your name, write it in the inscription section that you will find just below the options.

All stamps are handmade.

Dibujo de flores margaritas
Bookplate Daisies Sale price€46,00