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Bookplate Dragon

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 5 x 7cm

The dragon is a mythical and legendary creature that appears in various stories and legends of Catalan folklore. It is always depicted as a monstrous, reptilian creature. In the legend of Sant Jordi, the dragon is one of the main characters, but its presence extends to many other aspects of Catalan culture. That is why I wanted to represent this dragon with two human legs in motion, referring to the popular festivals where dragons participate in street runners and fire runners.

An exlibris stamp with the dragon as the main motif

The dragon is a symbol of power and danger, and this stamp is a tribute to Catalan folklore and popular festivals. Like all the stamps you will find on this website, this stamp is personalized with your name so you can mark your book collection in a unique way.

A bibliophile tradition

Having your own personalized bookplate like this is being part of an ancient tradition. The first known bookplate is a ceramic plate that accompanied the papyri of Pharaoh Amenophis III in 1300 BC. Signing your books with your name is leaving a record of your readings, literary tastes and your personal collection.

Dibujo de un dragón del folclore catalán
Bookplate Dragon Sale price€46,00