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Bookplate Female reader with open book

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions 5 x 7 cm. 

Strolling one day in a park I found a reader reading leaning on a bench, her arms traced if I knew the symbol of infinity. When I came back from the walk I designed this ex-libris.

A handmade creation for your book collection

Like all the pieces in my store, your ex-libris will be handmade in my workshop in Barcelona once you place your order. I invite you to personalize your own ex-libris: don't forget to write your name in the "Inscription" section, located just below the available options.

An ex-libris for your favorite books.

The ex-libris, a jewel especially appreciated by collectors and book lovers, represents the perfect fusion between the passion for collecting and the devotion for bibliophilia. It is this wonderful connection that inspired me to give life to this stamp, where the book takes center stage.

Each stamp that comes out of the workshop is a handcrafted work, elaborated with care and dedication.

Dibujo de una lectora absorta en la lectura de un libro
Bookplate Female reader with open book Sale price€46,00