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Bookplate Giraffe

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

This giraffe is the smart one of the gang. With her long neck she can see everything her friends can't see. She is curious without limits. She doesn't miss a single piece of gossip. She likes to go to the water to refresh herself and to savor the tender shoots of the trees.

An ex-libris for young people

In my workshop I have created a series of ex-libris for little readers, those who are approaching reading for the first time, those who are learning the sound and meaning of words. These ex-libris stamps are made so that their little hands can stamp them without problems, with an ergonomic handle. These stamps come with their names so they can sign their book collection. To indicate which name you want on the stamp, please fill in the "Inscription" field.

Encouraging a love of reading from an early age

The love of reading begins at an early age by giving books and telling stories to young children. Showing them that books tell stories and making them discover worlds full of imagination.

Dibujo de una jirafa
Bookplate Giraffe Sale price€46,00