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Bookplate Guitar

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 9 x 5 cm

Based on the work of Maruja Mallo, this stamp is the most musical of the "Mallo" collection. Taken from the painting "Verbena de pascua" painted in 1927 in it we see a woman in profile, with one hand she holds on to her friend, with the other hand she carries this guitar.

The artist Mallo was a great friend of Concha Méndez who wrote a poem dedicated to the Verbena: "Disconcert of lights and sounds/Dislocations/Dances of games and rhythms/The gyro carousels/among the sleeping airs/Marking circumferences/without measures...".

A handmade stamp

All the stamps that you will find in this store, are made with a handmade process. Each personalized stamp with the name you want is unique. Each of our objects is made with love and care.

To have your ex-libris stamp personalized at home, do not forget to write your name in the Inscription section that you will find just below the options.

A tribute collection to Mallo

This year marks the 120th anniversary of Mallo's birth, this collection is a tribute to one of the most important artistic figures of the 20th century.
The ex libris "Guitarra de verbena" is part of my "Mallo" collection with three other stamps: "Wheat fingers", "Eye" and "Wheat grains". All of them have been elaborated to offer original models dedicated to the world of art.
Dibujo de una mano sosteniendo una guitarra
Bookplate Guitar Sale price€46,00