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Bookplate Hammock

Sale price€46,00

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 7 x 5cm

Who wouldn't like to be lying in a hammock right now reading, with one bare foot touching the fresh grass. I would love it, that's why I created this stamp for all outdoor reading lovers.

An exlibris stamp made in Barcelona

Each stamp is meticulously created in Roser's artisan workshop in Barcelona. Where the entire process is carried out, from the initial design to the manufacturing of the final seal. Each piece is carefully designed to offer unique and special customization for individual book collections.

Lend your books with complete confidence

By marking your books with your ex-libris seal, you can lend them with complete security. This unmistakable marking not only prevents confusion, but also acts as a visible reminder that the book has a specific owner.

Dibujo de un hombre leyendo encima de una hamaca
Bookplate Hammock Sale price€46,00