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Bookplate Head with books

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm

My great passion is books, I have a love for the literary world that overflows me every day.  The label of "book lover" is permanently imprinted on my being. I see reading as a game in which I can transport books like water jugs from shelf to shelf. Because books must be given life and sometimes without wanting to destroy them. This exlibris stamp is dedicated to all those who make life fun, who like to share their readings with smiles and who dare to read stories for children when they have reached adulthood.

Your ex-libris stamp with your name

An ex-libris stamp allows you to mark your books in a unique and personal way, leaving your mark on your literary collection. To make this possible, all the stamps that come out of my workshop are personalized with your name. You only need to complete the "Inscription" section with your name, and in this way, the stamp will arrive to you, ready to be stamped on your books.

The ex-libris is the best mark of your love for books

An ex-libris stamp, beyond its practical function, has the power to become a lasting reminder of your passionate bond with books and reading, transcending time and keeping alive that spark of love for stories and printed words. Every time you stamp that stamp on the pages of a book, you are leaving a tangible mark of your literary devotion, like a silent signature that testifies to your deep connection to the stories you have explored and the knowledge you have acquired over the years.

Dibujo de una persona con libros encima de su cabeza
Bookplate Head with books Sale price€46,00