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Bookplate Kimono

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 4 x 6 cm oval

One day, while reviewing the designs I had started in my workshop, I discovered one that, until now, had remained forgotten. With the launch of a collection dedicated to Japan, I felt it was the perfect time to bring it to life. I have decided to present it in an oval wood, a handle that I rarely use, but that I wanted to stand out and now it has its place.

An artisan seal

Each of these stamps is carefully conceived and crafted from start to finish by Roser in his artisan workshop, ranging from the creation of the design to the manufacturing of the final stamp. Meticulously designed for the purpose of uniquely personalizing book collections, these stamps are a work of art in themselves. Remember to put your name in the box above so that the stamp arrives at your home ready to mark your personal library.

Have an ex-libris seal

Having an ex-libris stamp offers a series of benefits that enhance your experience as a book lover and book collector. First of all, this personalized stamp gives your copies a distinctive and elegant mark, reflecting your style and unique personality. Furthermore, by marking your books with your ex-libris, you not only add a touch of authenticity, but you also create an emotional bond between the reader and the work, leaving an indelible mark of your passion for reading.

Another important advantage is that when lending your books to friends or family, the stamp not only guarantees their return, but also preserves the identity of your personal collection.

Dibujo de una mujer vestida con Kimono
Bookplate Kimono Sale price€46,00