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Bookplate Kimono flower

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 5 x 5cm

The inspiration for these five ex-libris models dedicated to Japan arose after spending a full day exploring antique engravings. A surprising revelation was the discovery that many of the kimonos that appeared in the engravings and wore female figures were adorned with motifs from nature. In particular, one of the kimonos featured a flower that captured my attention from the first moment. I decided to give it prominence and explore how I could adapt it to become the central motif of an ex-libris and this was the result.

Craftsmanship in every detail, a unique seal

Each of my bookplates is created with care and dedication, taking care that the quality is optimal at the time of printing. Since the ex-libris is a personal signature of the owner, all copies in this workshop are customizable. Therefore, it is crucial that you complete the corresponding section with your name or the inscription you want to appear.

Your book collection is your legacy

For reading lovers, the book collection represents one of their most precious legacies. Marking your books with your own ex-libris becomes the distinctive signature of the collection you have created, your reading experiences, and the legacy you leave your family and friends. Each ex-libris is more than a brand, it is the unique expression of your passion for literature.

Dibujo de una flor enmarcada en un círculo
Bookplate Kimono flower Sale price€46,00