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Bookplate Koala

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

This industrious koala spends his days studying and is the most dedicated of our ex-libris collection. He only takes a fifteen minute break each day to share what he has learned with his classmates. He knows the fauna and flora of his forest in depth, as he spends his time hanging among the trees, immersed in books or exploring new discoveries.

An ex-libris with your name on it

Ex-libris stamps, also known simply as ex-libris, are personalized stamps that are stamped, usually on the flyleaf or title page, to indicate ownership of the book, which is why all ex-libris from this artisan workshop can be personalized with the name of the reader and owner of the books. To have your personalized stamp delivered to your home, all you have to do is fill in the "Inscription" box.

A stamp made for little readers

My stamps are designed so that the little ones can stamp them without any problem. The stamping of the stamp on the book becomes a playful activity to do around reading.

Dibujo de un koala con una estrella al lado
Bookplate Koala Sale price€46,00