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Bookplate Koi fish

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm

In my various previous collections of ex-libris, I have always designed one or more models inspired by Japanese prints. Japonisme has been a constant attraction for me; observing how Japanese art has left its mark on Western art is extremely captivating. Therefore, I could not help but create an exlibris with Japanese influences. On this occasion, I decided to focus on a decorative element: the banner with carp, representing them in motion. In this exlibris, each carp is unique, and together they form a dynamic and captivating scene.

My hope is that this stamp will adorn libraries where Western and Eastern influences converge, creating a space where the two cultures intertwine harmoniously.

A handcrafted ex-libris to bookmark your library

As with all the stamps available in my store, your ex-libris will be made in my workshop in Barcelona following this model. My goal is to ensure that the engraving is impeccable and that the wooden handle provides a light and comfortable stamping experience. This meticulous attention ensures that, upon receipt of your order, you will be ready to stamp your personal seal in every corner of your private library.

Each stamp is tailored to your preferences, which is why I customize each one with the inscription of your choice. You only need to enter your name or the specific inscription you want to appear in the corresponding section. In this way, your ex-libris will not only be a visual distinctive, but also a personalized expression of your love for reading and the literary world.

The tradition of ex-libris stamps

This rich tradition of ex-libris has not only been a means of identifying ownership, but also a manifestation of the deep connection between the individual and his or her literary collection. By employing an ex-libris, these personalities have instilled a personal and distinctive touch to their libraries, giving them a unique character that transcends time.

Dibujo de tres carpas
Bookplate Koi fish Sale price€46,00