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Bookplate Library of

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions 6 x 2.5 cm

This stamp from the Minimal collection has been designed for those who are looking for a basic and timeless ex-libris.




It is inspired by library labels. It is reminiscent of the vignettes that are pasted on the covers, flyleaves or spines of books.

A personalized stamp of handcrafted production

My project of creating exlibris stamps responds to two creative impulses. My devotion to books and literature, as well as my passion for the Arts and Crafts movement and craftsmanship. In this world, book labels convey images and remind me of the studious and warm atmosphere of libraries. All the stamps from my workshop are personalized with the name the reader wants on their library, so remember to write your name in the Inscription section.

A classic stamp to mark your library

With its classic label style, this stamp is a must-have for bibliophiles. Its simplicity and minimalism make it a timeless stamp to stamp your beloved book collection.

The ex-libris "Library of" is part of the "Minimal" collection with its three other siblings "Around the book", "Pile of books" and "Initials". All of them have been imagined in this perspective of discretion and love for the book.

Dibujo de una etiqueta con las esquinas redondeadas
Bookplate Library of Sale price€46,00