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Bookplate Magnolia

Sale price€46,00

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 5 x 7cm

In my workshop, you will find a variety of stamps dedicated to flowers, and to stamp your book with one of them is to bring natural beauty to your signature. This time, I have focused on an extraordinary and beautiful flower: the magnolia. Every encounter with a blooming magnolia tree has been a pause to delight in its stunning beauty.

Ex-libris stamp with your name

This bookplate celebrates the rare and beautiful magnolia flower. To ensure you receive the stamp in optimal condition for stamping on your book collection, it is essential that you complete the section with the first and last name you wish to appear on the ex-libris. Thus, you will get a personalized ex-libris with your name, perfect for signing your book collection in style.

A stamp to preserve your book collection

By using a magnolia ex-libris stamp on your books, you plant the seed of appreciation and care in both your collection and those who share it. It is a way of instilling a conscious respect for literature and for the stories that each book houses, ensuring that they endure and continue to touch the lives of those who hold them in their hands.

Dibujo de una flor magnolia
Bookplate Magnolia Sale price€46,00