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Bookplate Octopus

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm

Humans have considered octopuses as the only survivors of a previous world, and have also imagined them as sea monsters or erotic animals. This mollusk is one of the most intelligent invertebrates on planet earth, Victor Hugo recounted in The Workers of the Sea the struggle against a giant octopus and Ian Fleming dedicated a sequel to it in the life of his famous James Bond entitled Octopussy. This exlibris stamp is dedicated to readers fascinated by this sea creature, this octopus has nothing monstrous, he strolls quietly in the ocean waiting to be captured to leave his ink in your library.

Personalized ex-libris - Don't forget to write your name in the Inscription section just below the options.

All stamps are handmade.

Dibujo de un pulpo, entre sus patas aparece la mención exlibris
Bookplate Octopus Sale price€46,00