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Bookplate Paper boat

Sale price€46,00

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 5 x 9 cm

Contemplating the horizon from the beach fills me with serenity, looking as far as possible. I will always see a sailboat dancing with the waves, and sometimes, the sunlight shines on the water, sculpting marine forms and transforming the sailboat into a fragile paper boat. In those moments, reality becomes a game and imagination regains its leading role, just like when we were children. This ex-libris stamp has been created for those who love the sea, for those who long to spend their days sailing among the waves, where every corner of the ocean holds stories to be discovered.

An ex-libris handmade stamp

As with all the creations in my store, your ex-libris will be carefully handmade in my workshop in Barcelona, specifically for you when you place your order. I encourage you to personalize your ex-libris in a unique way: be sure to add your name in the section designated as "Inscription", which is located just below the available options.

An ex-libris is a signature for your book collection

An ex-libris, in essence, is a distinctive signature for your book collection. Similar to how an artist signs his or her artwork, the ex-libris allows you to mark your books with a personal and unique touch. However, its scope transcends beyond simple authentication. This small emblem not only establishes ownership of the books, but also reflects your identity and literary tastes.

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Bookplate Paper boat Sale price€46,00