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Bookplate Reader by the water

Sale price€46,00

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 9 x 5 cm

Tired of the heat, this avid reader has chosen to invest his reading hours while floating on water. A truly unique choice that fits perfectly with those daring readers looking for new ways to enjoy their passion.

Giving it your personal touch: use your personalized ex-libris.

If you're a reading enthusiast, owning an ex-libris is the equivalent of stamping your personal signature on every copy in your collection. It is the way to leave your mark as a reader on the pages of your favorite books.

Having an ex-libris stamp means having the peace of mind of lending your books, knowing that they will return to your library. It's a way to ensure that your literary treasures will always find their way back home.

To make your ex-libris unique.

The process is simple: you just need to provide the first or last name you want to see on the stamp in the Inscription section, which is located just below the available options. Once you have made your choice, I will make the personalized stamp with your name in my workshop. Then, I will send it directly to your home, ready for you to start stamping your mark on your personal book collection.

Dibujo de una persona leyendo un libro mientras nada
Bookplate Reader by the water Sale price€46,00