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Bookplate Roses

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 7 x 5cm

The rose is universally known to be a symbol of love and passion. In addition to these three roses, this exlibris stamp has a special feature: you can add a date in the top box.

A dated bookplate

During my experience as an exlibris artisan, many readers who have resorted to my services have asked me to include a space to add the date on which the book joins their library, their book collection. For this reason, in some of my models I add this option, and this is one of those cases. As a reader in the past, I have noted the date of purchase of my books, and now, when I find this information, I like to know at what time in my life I read a certain book.

A bookplate to mark your book collection

Having an exlibris stamp improves the experience as a reading lover and book collector. This personalized stamp adds a distinctive and elegant mark to your copies, reflecting your style and personality. Marking your books with a bookplate creates an emotional bond with the work and guarantees a return when you lend your books, thus preserving the identity of your collection.

Dibujo de rosas dentro de un recuadro
Bookplate Roses Sale price€46,00