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Bookplate Sun

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 5 x 5cm

My inspiration to create this stamp has been the Sun King, Louis XIV of France. This pioneering monarch, without a doubt, created his personal mark, leaving where he passed the banner of the sun, with this symbol he filled the palace of Versailles with medals. These sculptures made by artisans have been my inspiration to create this sun.

The exlibris sun stamp with your name

To ensure that you receive the stamp in optimal condition for stamping on your book collection, it is essential that you fill out the box with the first and last name that you wish to appear on the ex-libris. This way you will receive a personalized ex-libris with your name with which to sign your book collection.

A classic touch to your book collection

The tradition of ex-libris dates back to the beginnings of writing, where the first versions were ceramic plates that accompanied parchments. Later, with the invention of the printing press, ex-libris stamps emerged. Incorporating an ex-libris into your collection is perpetuating an ancient tradition, adding a classic and significant touch to your books.

Dibujo de un sol
Bookplate Sun Sale price€46,00