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Bookplate Surprised female reader

Sale price€46,00

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions 5 x 5 cm

There are books that surprise us sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. In many cases, the surprise makes that book remain engraved somewhere in our mind for a while.

A custom-made ex-libris

All our stamps are handmade, from A to Z in our workshop, that's why our delivery times are low and their quality high, because we control the entire manufacturing process. In order for the ex-libris to do its main function, which is to mark your book, we personalize it with your name. So all you have to do is fill in the "Inscription" box and we do the rest.

Create your own collection

To each his own, or so you say. That's why every library is a world apart, a unique world. Signing your books is to give importance to your selection, to register your literary taste and your view of the world.

Dibujo de una lectora sorprendida con un llibro abierto en la cabeza
Bookplate Surprised female reader Sale price€46,00