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Bookplate Surrounding the book

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions 3 x 3 cm

This is an exlibris with a minimalist and refined design to stamp your entire book collection.

It evokes bibliophilia and refers to the world of books. The book in the center is like a fetish or a triumphal object, crowned with the name of the owner of the book it marks.

A handmade object

Like all the stamps in my store, I will make your ex-libris from this model in my workshop in Barcelona upon receipt of your order. Each stamp is personalized with the inscription of your choice. To do this you only have to fill in the box where it says Inscription.

For your favorite books

The ex-libris is an object particularly appreciated by collectors and bibliophiles. It is this conjunction between collecting and bibliophilia that guided me in the creation of this stamp where the book appears as the central engraving of a medal.

This stamp "Around the book" is part of my "Minimal" collection. With three other ex-libris entitled "Library of", "Pile of books" and "Initials". All were created to refer to book worship.

Dibujo de un libro
Bookplate Surrounding the book Sale price€46,00