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Bookplate To the lighthouse

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Color:Without ink pad

Dimensions: 5 x 9 cm

I consider that there is no more romantic element in the sea than the lighthouse. The tower that remains faithful to the whisper of the sea, both on stormy days and in moments of serene calm under the summer sun. The lighthouse, with its luminescence, acts as a guide for travelers, being the cardinal reference point for those who find themselves lost among the waves. It is a literary component that projects a golden light on the mythical city of Alexandria, giving its name to several cities and novel titles, such as "To the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf.

This drawing was created in the vicinity of the sea, while the waves whispered melodically from the window. Now, I long for its whisper to flood libraries and for the seal to mark the books of those passionate about the infinite blue of the ocean. As a small suggestion for the intrepid, how about the idea of buying it along with a blue ink pad?

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Don't forget to add your name in the space designated for registration, which is located just below the available options. This way, your personalized stamp will come out of my workshop, so that when it arrives to you, you can sign anything you want with it.

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It is as if the stamp acts as a silent reminder to those who hold your books in their hands. They are not only holding a copy, but also a tangible part of your passion and commitment to literature. This emotional and respectful connection can influence how they interact with the book: they may handle it more gently, avoiding unnecessary marks and folds. The ex-libris stamp thus becomes a guardian of the integrity of your books.

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Bookplate To the lighthouse Sale price€46,00