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Ex-libris with two inks

These ex-libris stamps are for original readers, who want to fill their books with colors, who want to surprise when lending their readings. This collection comes from the desire to play within the limits of the labels. If we divide a design into two parts, it allows us to print it in two colors, we can even decide to print only one of the two parts in some books and the other in the others. These are stamps to play without stopping, to be given to chance, to chance.

Ready to print

Your ex-libris will arrive at your home ready to stamp, in fact you will receive two stamps, one for each color personalized with your name, you will also receive two inks and some fabric bags to store your stamps and ensure they are perfectly preserved. Once received, you can start stamping all your books. If you want a two-color stamp, but unique to you, order your custom bookplate.